The Monroe County Reporter
September 25, 2013

The courthouse square in Forsyth, GA

To the editor:

I am a native of Monroe County, born at High Falls where my daddy went to work for Georgia Power on May 20, 1920. Even though I have never lived in Forsyth, Forsyth is very dear to me.

Since I have lived in Jackson most of my life, I come to Forsyth very often. Forsyth has a lot to offer. The Monroe County Hospital is a great little hospital. I have never been treated any way except perfect. The radiology department is the best of the best. Those girls are such good friends to me.

Dr. Craig Caldwell is my doctor as well as my good friend. His staff is so nice. According to Alex Trebek, rubies are more valuable than diamonds. Dr. Caldwell, his staff, Dr. Goodwin and his staff, plus Miss Tammy Barnett, Dr. Caldwell’s P.A., are all rubies.

Then there are the Backlot Players. I’ve never been to one of their shows that I did not throughly enjoy. We have a group that comes regularly. Family Reunion was so good. The talent that those young people had was just great.

Then there is Diane Glidewell and Amy Haisten from Jackson, both of whom work for the Reporter. I love them.

I have lived in Jackson for 70 years and I would never want to live anywhere else, but Forsyth has a big place in my heart.

My grandfather I.M. Shepard, was the police chief of Forsyth at one time. My daddy, Tom Grubbs, was the coroner for Monroe County for 16 years.

One of my great memories of Forsyth will always be coming up from Gordon, Ga. every other Saturday so my mother could shop at the Forsyth Mercantile. There was so much to see. Every year a few weeks before school started she shopped for our school clothes.

One of those Saturday trips I spied this beautiful doll, a china one. My mother said, “no;” so did my daddy. I sat right down where you step up to go in the Grits Cafe and started to cry very loud. Mr. Ed Rudisill gave me that doll. In 75 years I’ve never forgotten Mr. Rudisill or that beautiful doll.

Mrs. Banks A. ‘Jeanette’ Weaver


Also published on Amy Haisten and Fancy Turtle Media.