The Spin Cycle

The Monroe County Reporter
July 31, 2013

Jody Glidewell

Well, the saying goes that all good things must come to an end. That statement definitely holds true for me as my eight-week internship with the newspaper wraps up.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at The Monroe County Reporter over the summer. I especially appreciate Will Davis for giving me an opportunity to work at the Reporter. I have enjoyed working with my mom and am thankful that she suggested I give the media world a try and look to meet some new people. I have enjoyed getting to know Richard Dumas who always seems to know the sporting news of the day just a little sooner than I find it out.

I have enjoyed sharing an office with Amy Haisten and watching her work her graphics magic.

I have been extremely lucky to work with Trellis Grant who knows how to do everything imaginable in the office, and who also knows everybody in Forsyth, a feat that made my tasks much easier. I have enjoyed working alongside Carolyn Martel who has allowed me to learn from her advertising skills and who is the busiest person in Forsyth, but still comes to work with a good attitude every day. I am grateful that I have met Carolann Allen who listens to my jokes daily and laughs even when they are bad, which is probably the majority of them.

While at the Reporter, I have met a lot of great people in Monroe County. I have interviewed people working hard to make Monroe County a better place to live. Faces of parents and children have become familiar at the various camps and library programs. I have enjoyed participating in the fun of all the camps and watching performances at the library, probably more than some of the kids. I have been thanked for my stories and been made to feel welcome on a daily basis.

I have learned much over this summer in Forsyth. Now I do not hesitate to grab a picture or go up to someone for an interview. I have been lucky to be allowed to do fun, uplifting stories that are so positive they could probably write themselves. I have scanned more birthday pictures than I have had birthdays, and I have learned to laminate, cut tear-sheets, build a wall of the Reporter’s awards, and much more.

I feel my time here in Forsyth has been a great learning experience, and I will carry everything I have learned with me in the future. The stories I wrote might only linger for a week or two, but the memories I have made will last a lifetime.


Also published on Amy Haisten and Fancy Turtle Media.