You have an amazing newspaper!

I spent almost two hours last night reading news-editorial, columns etc, and also the ads.

A staff of only five? When do you/they sleep?

I’ve developed an interest in Monroe County people and affairs. If I’ve done that from this far away, local people must be glued in. Much good reading, even if you don’t know the writer or subject.

It’s easy to oppose, criticize, investigate if you are a big city editor with an expensive law firm behind you. A ball game entirely different in a small town. Takes courage to walk down the street where you are likely to meet face to face, or even fist to fist.

You also have to defend Don Daniel.

Who sells and composes all those ads? Amy Haisten and Donna Wilson must be several people, like Herschel Walker.

Repeat: The Monroe County Reporter is an amazing newspaper.

The Reporter is a lesson in how hand-held ink on paper newspapers not only can survive but can prosper in a time when new technology supposedly has sentenced them to history.

Jim Minter

former executive editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Amy is an exceptional asset to our company. She jumped into our Marketing headfirst by designing a variety of logos for us to choose from, each unique and fantastic. She offers a wealth of knowledge in not only design, but the research behind it, and is able to deliver exactly what you want. I now look to Amy for her expertise on a range of items to include our website. She is efficient, dependable, and truly gifted at what she does. She is incredibly talented. I haven’t found a project yet that she can’t dazzle us with.

Christina Hall

Chief Human Resources Officer, Zapata Technology

The creativity and level of detail Amy brings to her projects is phenomenal. Her logo design is interesting and eye-catching. She understands the visual importance of color and the art of design. Additionally, she understands the visual and theoretical impact goals of a company.

Kimberly Smith

Landmanager, [ LinkedIn ]

Amy served first as a Media Tech for our church, then added video editing and social media to help us improve our overall image. She is a talented, hard-working person that will be a great asset to any business! I recommend fully, highly, and without reservation!

Mary Crowson

Health Coach & Retired Pine Forest UMC Director of Music, Whole Coaching

She is very good at what she does and works well under pressured timelines.

Gini Seitz

Former Advertising Sales Representative, Monroe County Reporter, [ LinkedIn ]

Amy Haisten is the daughter of close friends of my wife and me. They come from a long line of well established and very respected citizens of Butts County.

We have known Amy since she was a child and know her to be honest and hard-working. I have first-hand knowledge of that since I have used her freelance services several times over the last five years. She has helped us complete prepress work when our load was too great for us to handle alone.

Her work has been dependably professional on all occasions. Should the need come again, I would not hesitate to contact Amy for help. She is an intelligent, creative individual. Her graphic design skills are exceptional and her work ethic is far above average. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

Jerry McLaurin

Retired CEO, McLaurin Graphics (Closed)

Amy Haisten worked for me at Adams-Briscoe Seed Company from October 2005 until March of 2010. During this time she re-designed our company website and continues to maintain the site for us. She is quite talented and is a pleasure to work with. Amy is a very good graphic artist in addition to her web design skills. I have enjoyed working with her.

Jimmy Adams

President, Adams-Briscoe Seed Company

Just prior to starting my marketing company (Reach Communications), I worked with Amy at Benson Media. As Art Director for this company during a two-year period, I worked with Amy on several projects. She is a quick study, listens well, and takes direction with a great attitude. Amy also has a maturity that allows her to know when to ask questions. She is fun to work with and gets along well with her colleagues. Amy’s artistic style and attention to detail come through in the work she consistently produces.

Lyn Cohen

Former Art Director, Benson Media, [ LinkedIn ]

Amy is a unique person. Patience, creativity, and perseverance are three of her biggest strengths, and meandering among those strengths means that she always delivers a perfect result. Kind and considerate yet opinionated when required, Amy receives my warmest recommendations for any project she may be under consideration for.

Haje-Jan Kamps

Reporter at TechCrunch & Pitch Coach at Kamps Consulting, [LinkedIn]