The Monroe County Reporter
August 28, 2019

To the Editor:

I can hardly wait for Wednesday to come so my Reporter will arrive. You are blessed with a great staff.

Of course, I’m partial to the two ladies from Jackson, community editor Diane Glidewell and graphics designer Amy Haisten.

I agree with Don Daniel about what he said about Mrs. Susan Holmes. She did get her son appointed to that big regents job. I have called her for at least four weeks. She has not returned one call. That tells me how important she thinks I am.

Forsyth has so much to be thankful for. I was at the Monroe County Hospital yesterday for my yearly mammogram. The ladies were so great. They were on time ready to go. Very friendly and helpful. I could not complete this letter without saying how wonderful the doctors are, especially Dr. Craig Caldwell. We have a wonderful doctor-patient relationship.

Jeanette Weaver

P.S. The one person who has really be so helpful to me is Sen. Johnny Isakson. He has really been a great help to me.


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