The Monroe County Reporter
May 11, 2022

Jim Menter

Jim Menter

To the Editor:

You have an amazing newspaper!

I spent almost two hours last night reading news-editorial, columns etc, and also the ads.

A staff of only five? When do you/they sleep? 

I’ve developed an interest in Monroe County people and affairs. If I’ve done that from this far away, local people must be glued in. Much good reading, even if you don’t know the writer or subject.

It’s easy to oppose, criticize, investigate if you are a big city editor with an expensive law firm behind you. A ball game entirely different in a small town. Takes courage to walk down the street  where you are likely to meet face to face, or even fist to fist.

You also have to defend Don Daniel.

Who sells and composes all those ads? Amy Haisten and Donna Wilson must be several people, like Herschel Walker.

Repeat: The Monroe County Reporter is an amazing newspaper.

The Reporter is a lesson in how hand-held ink on paper newspapers not only can survive but can prosper in a time when new technology supposedly has sentenced them to history.

Jim Minter


Jim Minter is the former executive editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


Also published on Amy Haisten and Fancy Turtle Media.